How to be seen as a go-to expert in your industry

Jan 16, 2023

Want to be applauded as a go-to expert in Australia (or the world!) for your industry? Here’s how your brand can help you achieve irresistible authority.


Becoming an industry expert has turned out to be a BIG bucket list item for many small businesses and creative entrepreneurs in recent years. And, as a brand and graphic designer that proudly champions her clients, I’m ALL for it! Go get that success, small biz owner!

But why is becoming a go-to expert such a big deal?

Well, industry experts are essentially the VIPs of their fields. They’re the ones that get the most attention, applause and conversions. Plus, being seen as a go-to expert allows you to:

  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Be seen by your dream customers as the superior choice.
  • Build trust with your target market.
  • Boost your credibility and raise your reputation.
  • Unlock opportunities like speaking gigs, features and PR.
  • Charge a premium for your products or services.

So, yep, let’s get you that “go-to expert” title! But where do you begin? Well, let’s start with where it might possible be going wrong.



Three signs you’ll struggle to be seen as a go-to pro


I might not be a fortune-teller, but with 16 years of brand and design experience behind me, it’s become easy for me to spot the businesses that are on the path to positioning themselves as pros … and the businesses that aren’t.

Here are three signs you’re in the fast lane for struggling:

  1. Your existing branding doesn’t match where you want to be (and doesn’t align with your current goals).
  2. Your existing branding doesn’t fully align with the audience you want to attract.
  3. Your branding doesn’t look professional and cohesive enough for you to be taken seriously and perceived as a go-to expert in your field.

You might notice that all three signs are related to something I’m super passionate about: Branding.

‘Cause if you reverse-engineer the pathway to becoming an authority, it all begins with branding.


How your brand can support you to be seen as an industry expert


One of the – many – reasons I adore my career as a brand designer is that it allows me to give your passion presence with a unique brand identity that is beautiful, authentic and strategic.

The beauty comes from me, the authenticity is inspired by you (you clever lady!), and the strategy is the sum of my experience and expertise as a professional brand designer. And here’s why strategy REALLY matters.

Brand strategy allows you to:

  • Touch the hearts of your target market.
  • Show up with confidence.
  • Be seen as a true pro.
  • Communicate your message, magic and vision clearly and compellingly.
  • Ensure we’re meeting your goals through design.
  • Craft a brand that stands the test of time and grows with you for years to come.

Which is why my custom brand design packages have strategic-thinking built-in as standard. Yep, it’s not an add-on! Brand strategy is the foundation of your brand design experience with me. ‘Cause I know that when your beautiful brand is grounded in strategy, you’ll be set up with what you need to be seen as an authority.

TL; DR? It all begins with pro branding, beauty. 😉

Are you ready to create your own beautifully memorable brand?

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