It’s time for your business to shine on centre stage.

I see you, creative lady.

Coffee cup half-full (even if it is perennially cold), notebook packed with visionary scribbles balancing imagination with inspiration and execution, and mind brimming over with genuine enthusiasm for your incredible business.

You love what you do.

… But what you’d really love is if you could get your dream audience feeling as passionate about your business as you are.

Good news: You’re in the right place.

I’m here to move you forward with graphic design and visual branding that helps elevate your passion into a profitable business.

Claire Duran business card visual branding


Foundations first.

Ground your business in strength and grace with a powerful visual presence.

sarah vivienne photography ebook design


Dance into their hearts.

Elegant and creative designs that get your story seen and adored.

wild spirit co infographic design


Standing ovation.

Translate your ideas into clever visuals that capture and keep their attention.

Leap into your  next level of success with elegant branding and graphic design

brianna headshot

Hi there! I’m Brianna.

I’m your pirouette-perfecting, green-tea sipping, minimalism-lovin’ brand designer.

I help creative women spin into the spotlight and succeed with memorable and unique visuals that captivate and convert.

I believe in destiny, balance, my (somewhat misplaced) ability to keep my indoor plants alive and that music makes everything better.

More than that though, I believe in you.

Which is why I’m so passionate about helping you succeed.

Cue the applause

Cassandra Lane Headshot

“Esley Studio has helped transform my fledging copywriting business into a six-figure success story. From the moment my Esley Studio visuals and designs went live, I felt a powerful shift. Almost instantly, my audience began connecting with me on a deeper level. I went from just another copywriter in the crowd, to the proud entrepreneur behind a distinct, powerful digital presence that kept the conversions and kudos rolling in.”

Cassandra Lane  |  Wild Spirit Copywriting

Claire Duran Headshot

Brianna was the best decision I have ever made for my business … In just a few short months I have seen the result of all her efforts and my investment pay off. And I have got so many wonderful compliments of our new look and materials. I couldn’t be happier and I certainly couldn’t recommend her enough. I have already sent her name out to several other colleagues in the wedding industry and I am sure they’ll have successful experiences like mine. Brianna is just GENIUS!

Claire Duran  |  Claire Duran Weddings & Events

Sarah Vivienne Headshot

Brianna is brilliant! When we started working together she took the time to fully understand my business and as a result her work is pretty much spot on for every project with very few changes needed. As a creative myself it can be hard to let go of these things but working with Brianna is so easy. She’s clear about delivery dates and most importantly, actually sticks to them. She may be on the other side of the world but she’s so fabulously organised and great at keeping me informed that it feels like she’s right here with me. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Sarah Vivienne Photography

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