Meet your minimalism inspired graphic designer and brand stylist

Welcome to Esley Studio!
I’m Brianna.


I’m your resident brand stylist, graphic designer and sunshine enthusiast.

By day, you’ll find me singing to B-Boy (my handsome Macbook Pro) as I put my creativity – and playlist – to good use by designing elegant visuals and memorable branding that shines the spotlight on beautiful businesses just like yours.

But when dusk drifts dreamily through my art studio window, I power down B-Boy, slip on my dance shoes and drive over to the other studio that has my heart: The dance studio.

You see, I (not so) secretly moonlight as a dance instructor.

brianna standing holding laptop

And, surprisingly, my daylight and moonlight passions have a lot in common.

I believe that creating compelling designs is a little like dancing on stage.

It might look effortless and elegant on the outside, but you can bet your ballet bun that it’s taken a whole lot of practice and perfecting to get there.

It’s about taking a risk. It’s about letting your emotions shine through. And it’s about truly connecting with your audience.

As for the hard work that takes you from foundational steps to fully-fledged success? You’ll find that magical work being quietly and lovingly done behind the scenes in the studio.

And if you’re a creative female in business … that studio might just be this one.

Confessions of a graphic designer

I usually reheat the same cup of green tea three times before finally remembering to finish it. (Ah, the immersive vortex that is the creative zone!)

I teach ballet and contemporary dance.

My fave colour is white. (Yep. it’s a colour!)

I can’t design without music.

I’m easily won over by desserts. (Drool.)

You’ll generally find me on the floor when I’m planning our ebook design layouts.

I’m a country girl by heart and live in a small town in NSW, Australia.

What’s in the ‘Esley Studio’ name?

A rose by any other name might smell as sweet … but there’s definitely a special meaning behind the Esley Studio you’ll meet!


I’ve spent my entire life coming and going from a studio. Whether that be a dance studio, art studio, design studio or music studio.

Today, my life is split between two studios: Design studio by day and dance studio by night.

So when it came time to give my entrepreneurial home a name, I knew it had to reflect where I felt most at home.


The ‘Esley’ in ‘Esley Studio’ is a loving hat tip to the street name (Annesley) of the dance studio I have spent (and still spend) so much of my life at.

The dance studio was more than a place for me to practice my pirouettes; it was where my creativity was nurtured and where my imagination bloomed.

Today, getting to devote my days to nurturing women with elegant visuals that help their businesses’ blossom and bloom feels like dancing full circle.

brianna standing holding laptop

I love to dance with passionate female business owners in the holistic health, lifestyle and creative sectors that are ready for captivating design that gets them seen and adored by their dream customers.