What is a semi-custom brand identity?

Nov 19, 2022

Your easy guide to understanding the brilliance of semi-custom brand identities


You know your brand identity is the heart and soul of your business. It connects you with your audience in a way that’s just the teensiest bit magical while allowing you to build a presence that’s authentic and memorable.

Which is probably why you’ve considered a custom brand identity for your business! (If you’re here for the semi-custom brand identity goss, stick with me. We’re covering that soon.)

But the downside to creating a custom brand identity that tap dances into the hearts of your dream peeps is that custom brands aren’t a DIY adventure. To purposefully perform for your biz, your brand identity needs to be expertly crafted to attract your dream customers.

Which means …

  • Custom brands are a solid investment in your businesses’ future (with the price tag to match).
  • Custom brands can’t be blinked or winked into existence immediately (it takes time – usually between six and eight weeks – for your brand designer to create your brand identity).
  • Custom brands are best trusted to a professional brand designer (with the skills to create a solid brand strategy and presence for your biz).
  • A custom brand might not be a possibility for your business right now (even though you’re SO ready for the connections and conversions a custom brand unlocks!)

But before you give up on the idea of having a professionally designed brand identity, I want to introduce the semi-custom brand identity.


What’s a semi-custom brand identity, Brianna?


I like to think of semi-custom brand identities like selecting a deluxe, delicious cake from a bakery you adore. It’s your favourite flavour, and you know it’s going to be a crowd-pleaser. Then, you put your own spin on it by getting the baker to customise the cake with your message.

Semi-custom brand design is a lot like that. Except the delicious cake is your brand, I’m the baker, and your business is the message!

So … what’s the catch? To help you decide whether a semi-custom brand identity might be right for you, I’ve whipped up an easy pro and con list for you (the BFF of decision-making).

The pros of semi-custom brand identities:

  • Pro design: Benefit from professional brand design that makes your business feel like the star of the show.
  • Budget-friendly: Semi-custom brand identities require a smaller investment than custom brands.
  • Access it immediately: Once you’ve chosen a semi-custom brand identity you love, you’re free to start using it (as soon as your designer has finished customising it for you).
  • You can put your own spin on it: You can choose to have your designer customise your brand identity with your brand name, tagline and colours.
  • Bonus: You might scoop up a limited edition semi-custom brand identity. In most cases, the designer will only sell a limited number of semi-custom brands, meaning you don’t have to worry about having a cookie-cutter brand identity.

The cons of semi-custom brand identities:

  • It isn’t completely unique: Even if your semi-custom brand identity is a limited edition, there’s still a risk that other businesses will invest in the same semi-custom brand.
  • It hasn’t been made for you: Think of it as shopping off-the-rack compared to getting something tailored and made just for you. It might not hug your assets the same way a tailor-made brand will, but it’ll still look darn good.

Curious what an Esley Studio semi-custom brand identity looks like?

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