Your Businesses’ Secret Guide to Standing Out

Six visuals you should be creating to help your business stand out from the crowd

It was okay to slide under the radar back in high-school – especially when your teacher was looking for a ‘volunteer’ to torment – but when you’re grown-up and running a business that’s destined for great things, the last thing you want is for it to get lost in the crowd.

You want to shine a spotlight on that baby. Have every potential dream client across the globe with their eyes glued on what you’re doing.

But, er, how?

The good news? I know exactly what you need to do. So go on, grab my hand and come out from the shadows. It’s time for your biz to shine bright.

How creating branded visuals will help your biz stand out

Prepare yourself … I’m about to drop some serious nerdery.

Did you know that in 2014, 90 percent of the world’s data had been created in the previous two years?

We’re drowning in information.

Which means that even with compelling content (which is the cornerstone of any good marketing strategy, just ask copywriter Cass from Wild Spirit Co.), it’s become increasingly difficult to capture your target market’s attention.

But don’t panic, there’s an easy shortcut to getting your business seen:

Make it visual.

You see, humans respond to visual data better than any other kind of information. 90 percent of the data received by our brain is visual.

Our brain also processes images 60,000 times quicker than it processes text.

So yes, words are powerful. The fact that you’re here reading this blog (and have gotten this far) proves the value of proper wordy skills.

But to amplify the power of your content and help you stand out from the crowd, pair compelling content with attractive visuals for a captivating (and scientifically proven) experience wired to connect.

Don’t know where to start? I’ve got you covered.

The six visuals you should be creating to help your business stand out from the crowd


01 / Infographics

Wild Spirit Co infographic design

The majority of people are time-deprived, attention-poor and fun-deficient. Fact. Look around you on any public transport trip and you’ll see what I mean. Scroll, scroll, frown, frown, sigh, sigh.

But this is good news because it means your audience are primed and ready to receive your super captivating, bite-sized, visual rich (because we now know that’s how our brains like to nom nom information) content!

And there’s nothing quite like infographics for ticking all of those boxes and then some.

I won’t lie … I’m a little infographic obsessed. Check out some of the infographics I have created here.

02 / E-books

claire duran ipad mockup of ebook design page

Yep, e-books are still very much in demand!

Your target customers are searching for relevant resources, information and solutions to their problems.

And you have them stored in that cute brain of yours!

It’d be selfish of you not to share, really.

But the key thing with e-books is to make sure that they’re visually appealing. Long walls of text might be great for bibliophiles, but for your regular Reggie, he’s going to get bored two-minutes in and either fall asleep or shuffle over to social media to watch puppies hug each other.

Psst need help designing a page-turner? I can help! Come on over and check out my e-book design services. 

03 / Newsletter templates

Newsletter Image

Email marketing can be one of those things you swear you’ll get around to when you have time but … there is no time. You’re busy and, let’s be honest, email marketing doesn’t really get results, right?

Wrong! Email marketing is more important than ever.

Because ….

  • Over 42 percent of peeps open their emails on their phones and 17 percent open their emails on their tablets, which makes email the perfect pathway to reaching mobile users.
  • Email marketing is free! If you have word skills, you just need a branded template (more on that soon) and then voila – you’re ready to go. One of the most cost-effective marketing methods available today.
  • It’s an easy way to maintain consistent communication with your customers. And with consistent communication comes effortless relationship building.
  • It takes at least eight touch points (or interactions with your brand) before a customer buys from you. With email marketing, you can reach those eight touch points easily.
  • Email marketing has a serious return on investment (ROI). For every $1 spent, email marketing rewards you with $38 ROI.

So … rethinking your email marketing strategy? Good choice!

Good content and branded email marketing visuals ensures that your audience looks forward to hearing from you. It can be as simple as a branded banner or as detailed as individual graphics for each newsletter, the choice is yours.

Psst. I can help with that too!

04 / Facebook cover images

Facebook Cover Image

Got a new infographic, e-book, opt-in, service or product you want to share with your audience? Don’t just post about it on social media, use your Facebook cover image to spread the word and act as your banner ad!

It’s free promotion for your biz and it helps maintain brand consistency. (Learn more about the importance of good branding in my post ‘You have a business … so you automatically have a brand, right?’)

PsstYep. I can help you with Facebook cover images too!

05/ Instagram post templates

Instagram post image

You’re pretty savvy, so you know social media marketing is important.

But just so you have a stat to mention at your next dinner party, did you know that 80% of marketing experts said that their social media efforts increased traffic to their website?

And increased web traffic = more eyeballs on your business which = more customers!

Well … provided your social media is aesthetically appealing, that is. Because this is one area where your book (or your business) is totally judged by its cover  … and its social media.

Psst. Need an Instagram post template to rock their socks? I can help! Meander on over to my social media design services and price list here

06 / Instagram story templates

Instagram Story Image

Have you had a play with Instagram stories yet? They’re brilliant because:

  • Instagram stories allow you to reach your audience in a new and novel way.
  • You can post multiple pieces of content at a time, increasing your story-telling capabilities.
  • You can easily direct your audience to new content and resources they might have otherwise missed out on.
  • It allows you to keep your feed pretty and strategic while sharing updates and new content in a way that’s easy for your audience to digest.
  • Increases your interaction with your audience. Have you tried Instagram polls yet? They’re. Awesome.

Psst, have I told you that social media design is one of my specialties?

Ready to create amazing visuals that help your biz stand out?

I can help!

Come on over and have a flick through my design services.


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