You have a business … so you automatically have a brand right?

It’s simple: Business = brand, right?


Aren’t they one and the same? After all, you’ve got a logo. A website. You even have a Facebook and Instagram page. Surely that means you have a brand.


Except, er … what exactly is a brand again?


Don’t worry; if this dialogue – or something very similar – has gone through your mind, you’re not alone.


So let’s start with the basics.


What the flip is a ‘brand’?


“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon


The origin of the word ‘brand’ comes from the days when ranchers used branding irons to mark which cattle were theirs.


The brand was usually the name of their ranch or an easily recognisable symbol and this concept was first adapted into the business world by big businesses like Coca Cola who wanted to make sure that you could pick their product out of a line-up.


And voila, the concept of a business brand was born.


But it didn’t stop there. Like most things, it has continued to transform and evolve. Today, a brand is so much more than a mere symbol.


Your brand is everything your customer thinks and feels about your business, wrapped up in a pretty parcel.


It’s your assets and your flaws, your brand voice and personality, your key benefits and key limitations, your customer service and your offerings. It’s everything you’ve done and everything you promise you will do.


From a design perspective, your brand also consists of the intangible (your customer’s thoughts and feelings) and the tangible (such as your logo, visual identity, website and social media presence).


Which means I DO have a brand, right?


Kind of. But it’s not really that simple.


Let me explain.


Consider the grocery store around the corner. Like you, that business has a brand. But do you know what it is? Is it clear? Compelling? Or a little fuzzy around the edges?


Now think about Apple or Coca Cola. Both of those businesses have a brand. And I bet you’re already being swamped with thoughts and ideas for what those brands encompass and represent.


So, what’s the difference between the two?


Well, the small grocery shop around the corner likely hasn’t thought too deeply about their brand. They’re running a business, not consciously building a brand image. They have a logo and a website, but they haven’t created either of them to intentionally appeal to their target market.


But Apple and Coca Cola? Yep. You can bet your sweet cheeks that those heavyweights have entire TEAMS devoted to carefully crafting compelling brands that their dream customers will fall head over heels in love with.  


Now … which business would you rather be?


Are you going to wing it and leave the whole ‘branding’ and ‘appealing to your dream customers’ thing to other, more ambitious businesses?


Or … do you want to intentionally craft a brand (complete with a loveable personality and presence) that appeals to your target market?


Hmm. Tough choice.


Ready to get serious about your branding?


At Esley Studio, I specialise in extracting your one-of-a-kind message, values and offerings to craft authentic visual branding and designs for your business.


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