Why I rebranded my business

I’ll admit … I’m not a huge fan of change.


As a designer, I can fully appreciate the beauty of impermanence, but a part of me also wonders … why can’t everything last forever?


Why do roses have to wilt, seasons have to change, and bananas have to go brown (and far too quickly in this Australian heat!)


So when my business, 27 Design Street, showed signs of changing, it was a little scary. And by a little … I mean a lot. 27 Design Street was my foundational platform, one that that I had nurtured from the ground up.


It had been my segue from working for others to working for myself, and I was so proud of how far we had both come.


But I was at a point where I was stuck in the middle of a brand that had half grown with me … and half hadn’t.


And even though I resist change sometimes, I’m all about growth and transformation. Especially in business.


So I weighed up the pros …


  • Thankfully, my brand voice had blossomed and transformed with me and was finally at a place where I felt like it represented my personality, professionalism, vision and experience.
  • I had continually refined my services to suit my target client and they now reflected my value, offer and offerings.


With the cons …


  • My brand visuals (surprisingly) no longer aligned with the direction my brand voice had taken, and I just wasn’t excited to create or share my visuals anymore.
  • I no longer felt connected to or with my business name, 27 Design Street, and craved something with more meaning that was more in alignment with my current vision.


And decided …


It was time for a rebrand.


My goals were simple:


  • Find the perfect name for my business.
  • Add more personality to my visual brand.
  • Create a visual brand that appealed to my current target audience more.


Once I had my goals set, it was time to make them happen!


So … how does a brand designer rebrand their own business?


The short answer? Very methodically!


Doing your own design work is a little like doing your own hair. It’s always easier when somebody else is doing it for you (which is one of the reasons I love offering branding services to my clients!)


And I knew that I had the potential to be my fussiest client yet, so I set clear boundaries from the start.


First, I chose an achievable timeline.


Like you, once I’ve made a decision, I want to go full steam ahead. But with client work (and my moonlighting adventures as a ballet teacher), I knew I’d have to be clever with my time and protect my creativity so I could create something intentional and purposeful.


Then, I treated myself like a client!


Starting the design process from scratch, I,


  • Re-established my business foundations by getting crystal clear on the who, what and why of my business.
  • Completed my brand homework.
  • Followed my own design process by the letter, giving myself the same experience that I offered to my clients (Spoiler: It felt GOOD!)


Then, I brought in help!


‘Cause I believe practicing what I preach, and I preach a lot about a brand being much more than a logo.


So in addition to my visual rebranding (where I redesigned my logo and logo submarks, as well as all of my branded collateral across all platforms), I hired a professional branding photographer (Sister Scout Studio – she’s a gem!) and creative copywriter (Wild Spirit Co. – my official business bestie) to help bring the words and visuals together into a cohesive brand.


The end result?


Meet Esley Studio: A graphic design and visual branding studio that helps elevate your passion into a profitable business.


Inspired to explore your own brand transformation? Go you!


Shimmy on over to my visual branding page and I’ll walk you through what it will look and feel like to have an Esley Studio brand of your own.


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