Three signs it’s time to consider a rebrand

You’ve outgrown tie-dyed tee shirts and fluoro headbands. Yellow page advertisements and keyword stuffing.


… But have you outgrown your brand?


Earlier last year, I clicked over to my website, glanced at my branding and felt a frown form.


My business at the time, 27 Design Street, had taken me from my very first steps as a design business owner to where I am today.


And even though I was happy with how my copywriting and services had adapted with me as time went on, I felt like my branding had been left behind.


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In one pirouette turn, I’d been hit with all three common signs that I needed to rebrand.


Can you spot what they were?


If not, don’t stress – that’s what I’m here for!


In this article, I’ll be walking you through three common signs (that I’ve experienced firsthand, and that most if not all my rebrand clients go through) that your brand is begging for some visual loving.




Sign #1: Your business has evolved


Change is inevitable. Especially in business! As you learn, expand and grow, your business will change. What you do will change. How you do it will change. And who you serve will change. Which means what worked a year, three years or five years ago might not work today.


How can you tell whether your branding has evolved with you? Easy: Ask yourself these questions. If you have more no’s than yes’s, you might want to think about giving your branding a little love.


  • Does your current branding align with and reflect your business values?
  • Does your current brand match the experience and price point you’d like to offer? (For example, if you’re offering a high-end luxurious spa treatment, does your branding convey a high-end, luxury vibe?)
  • Are you confident your current brand appeals to and attracts your target audience?


Sign #2: Your branding makes you cringe.


Tell me if this sounds familiar: You have an amazing service or product to offer … but you’re too ashamed to market the heck out of it because you feel like your visuals let you down.


Or maybe at some point you actually did love your visual brand, but lately it’s just been feeling … meh. It’s okay, I get it. We all have to start somewhere.


And brand shame just shows that you and your business have grown. You’ve learned, evolved and transformed. Now you understand your business better and know where you’re headed.


Not sure whether you’re feeling brand shame? Ask yourself these questions.


  • Are you proud (and confident!) to share your branding and visuals?
  • Do you feel like your branding and visuals do your offerings justice?
  • Do you feel envious of other businesses’ visual branding?


Sign #3: You’re not attracting your ideal client.

If your dream customer continues to evade you (and you feel like your current clientele aren’t quite the peeps you have the most positive impact on), I’m going to be honest: It could be a sign that your branding needs some love.


Your branding and visuals (along with your brand voice) are a key factor in influencing your ideal client.


It’s their job to instantly connect with your ideal peeps and signal to them that they’re in the right place.


If your business has evolved and you’re now looking to attract a different type of client, then there’s a risk your branding is outdated.


Ask yourself,


  • How often do you get to work with somebody you’d label as your ideal client?
  • Do you feeling frustrated working with clients you don’t like?
  • Do your visuals do some of the heavy lifting to attract your ideal client?


So … do all signs point to a rebrand?


If this is your year to elevate your brand and potential, make sure you explore my brand design services.

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