Six tips for instantly irresistible branding

When I was a teenager, I used to race home from school, toss my backpack onto the floor of my messy bedroom, leap – ballet style – onto my bed and gaze up at the ceiling for hours on end.


And I do mean hours. (Or until Mum dragged me out for dinner. Whatever came first.)


What was I thinking about, you ask? Was I solving world hunger? Figuring out the solution to the chicken versus the egg conundrum? Finding a cure to cancer?


Ha! I love that you think so highly of me. The truth is that I’d stuck a poster of teenage heartthrob Chad Michael Murray onto my ceiling and most of my waking hours were consumed figuring out how we would spend the rest of our lives together once we finally met.


Call it puppy love, teenage devotion, a ridiculous waste of time … but when I look back on this time (quite fondly, I might add) I see it as one thing and one thing only:


Really good branding.


In Chad’s case, his good branding was his face. Not gonna lie. It was a great one. It certainly kept me hooked.


But in your businesses’ case (cos I promise this is leading somewhere useful) it isn’t just about having a pretty face.


Good branding – heck let’s go further because I know you’re ready for it – irresistible Chad Michael Murray-esque branding is about having complete alignment in all aspects of your biz.  


Your businesses’ face (visual identity), voice (content and copy) and body language (offerings and actions) all work in harmony to connect with and influence your target market.


In this article, I’m going to show you six ways you can get these elements working in harmony with each other to ensure your brand is wholeheartedly swoon-worthy.


1. Check for consistency.


Have you ever hung out with someone whose words said one thing (“Yes, I’d love to come to xyz event!”) but their face said another (“Nooo, for the love of everything sacred, please don’t make me go!”)?


This dissonance is what it’s like when a businesses’ brand is inconsistent.


I once worked with a client whose visual identity was modern and sleek (thanks to yours truly #humblebrag), but their social media was filled with random low-quality photos that had nothing to do with her brand or what she was offering. It was so out of place that I even double-checked it was her businesses’ social media.


Please don’t make your customers double check. Maintain the same brand style, voice and personality throughout all of your communications and platforms.

2. Cultivate a distinct brand.


This goes without saying, but when it comes to your business you deserve nothing but the very best. Which means half-assed, cookie-cutter branding is best left to other (less aspirational) people.


Instead, I want you to focus on crafting a brand identity and personality that is original, distinctive and authentic. Don’t bother imitating others, just be yourself. Because when you are truly allowed to shine, babe, you are irre-freaking-sistible.

3. Care about the details.


I can’t tell you how many businesses have failed to nail their branding simply because they haven’t cared about the little stuff.


From only using high-res and high-quality images through to making sure your copy is free from errors and all your links work properly, it’s the little stuff that makes a big impression.

4. Don’t be scared to be disliked.


It’s a businesses’ worst fear … but the truth is that being disliked can actually be a blessing in disguise.


See, there are two branding truths every graphic designer knows. The first is that you can’t win ‘em all. Inevitably somebody won’t dig your vibe. And the second is that if you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll effectively appeal to no one.


So if people don’t like your style, trust me, it’s a good thing. It means you have managed to create a brand that has a purposeful target market! And honestly, all you should care about is that the right people (the ones you want to work with) are attracted to your biz.

5. Don’t rush.


Like Egypt, a good brand isn’t built in a day. It takes sustained time and effort to craft an irresistible brand and honestly, that’s okay.


Take it slow. Enjoy the process.


Customers can always tell when something has been rushed and hastily whipped up simply to sell. And your peeps deserve better than that. Speaking of which …

6. Be wildly passionate about solving your customer’s problems.


Even though it’s always ridiculously good looking, good branding isn’t actually superficial, surface-level stuff.


Truly irresistible branding is about getting to know your customers over and over again. About falling in love with them and being crazy about making them – and keeping them – happy.


It’s a little similar to how Chad Michael Murray’s face made me so very, very happy but, you know, more profesh.


Wait – don’t go!


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