Sarah Vivienne Photography


Sarah Vivienne Photography is a Northampton wedding photographer, discreetly and lovingly capturing couples who wear their heart on their sleeve.

The aim:

Sarah already had her visual identity in place and wanted to apply this to collateral to create a unique, informative and seamless experience for her clients. In particular Sarah wanted to create a series of guides that had a luxurious magazine feel to showcase her photography.

The design:

We worked together to design a series of 16 printed guides and e-books, infographics and postcards.

The result:

Brand collateral that now puts Sarah’s photography, expertise and laid-back, personal approach at the forefront while providing a wealth of knowledge to her target audience. 

sarah vivienne photography ebook design
sarah vivienne photography ebook design
sarah vivienne photography e-book design
sarah vivienne photography booklet cover design
sarah vivienne photography page layout design
sarah vivienne photography postcard design


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