Mathilde Kien


Mathilde Kien is a native French speaker, entrepreneur, and French teacher, and the host of the French Made Easy Podcast. Mathilde helps absolute beginners speak French clearly and confidently in a fun and easy way. 

The aim:

To create a brand identity for Mathilde’s personal brand and podcast that steered away from the cliche French brand style, and instead create a fun, bold and playful look to reflect Mathilde’s brand values of learning being fun.

The design:

We worked together to design a Californian summer inspired brand identity and podcast logo.


Ashlea Spitz Logo
Ashlea white logo
Ashlea black logo on pattern
Ashlea logos
Ashlea brand mark
Ashlea colour palette
Ashlea brand fonts
Ashlea email headers
Ashlea email headers
Ashlea business card
Ashlea infographic mockup