Is this ONE social media mistake preventing you from attracting your dream audience?

“What am I doing wrong?” my client cried. “I’m on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and that weird one with the sometimes disturbing but mostly flattering filters … I’m posting every single fricken day, even when it’s literally the last thing I want to do. And yet I LOST followers yesterday. How is that possible?”


I cupped the phone between my shoulder and my ear and leant over to tap my client’s social sites into my web browser. Within a few seconds, I had the answer to her question and the solution to her problem.


“It’s going to be okay.” I told her. “I know what went wrong … and I know exactly how to fix it.”


And I did. My client was clever, driven and beyond passionate about her business. I knew she was destined to succeed.


We’d just worked together on creating a beautiful logo and visual identity for her business. Her website was a work in progress.


In the meantime her social media was … well. It wasn’t bad. But it certainly wasn’t screaming: I’m your perfect match! Not like the rest of her branding was.


Instead, my client’s social media was:


  • Unfocused. It flitted randomly from subject to subject without really educating or inspiring deeply on anything specific.
  • Untargeted. It wasn’t talking to anyone in particular – especially not her target market.
  • Unattractive. Her Facebook header was a stock image with the watermark still attached and her profile pics were a mix of unrelated flower art and an outdated logo.
  • Unoriginal. The majority of her images were borrowed from other people’s pages. She rarely, if ever, created her own content.


In truth, she’d made four mistakes. But really, it can be wrapped up as one:


Her social media strategy wasn’t working because she wasn’t being true to her brand.


Your brand guides your visual identity, your communication style, who you’re communicating to and for and even what you should say to them. If you know your brand, you know your social strategy.


My client had forgotten the carefully constructed brand we’d crafted for her and was wandering aimlessly online when she should have been walking purposefully.


As soon as I pointed out her mistake, she actually laughed in relief because it was SO fixable. Within a week, her social sites were refreshed with her new, gorgeous branding and her posts were original, targeted and on point. It was the social media makeover of the year.


Today she’s grown her social media audience by 200% … and best of all they’re all raving fans of what she does.


Want a slice of the same? Your social media has the potential to attract your dream customers. Are you ready for it?


I specialise in extracting your one-of-a-kind message, values and offerings to craft authentic visual branding and designs for your business.


My social media designs are crafted to help female business owners do what they love by creating authentic visual brands and designs that their clients adore.


It’s about helping your business look good, feel great and share its story with passion and presence.

Learn more about my social media design services by downloading the studio menu.

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