How to get your brand a standing ovation

A premium brand experience guide for service-based businesses

When was the last time a business made you feel like a total VIP?

For me, it was just last week when I bought from Lui Body for the first time. I was expecting a somewhat nice experience, but nothing special (after all, it was just a razor and shaving cream I had purchased). And maybe that’s why I was so blown away, ‘cause I’ll tell you now: I walked away from that purchase surprised, delighted and feeling like Beyoncé at the Grammys. ✨

Their website was clean and easy to navigate, and the messaging was clear. What I loved most was their brand mark bouncing around the screen like a bouncy ball (fun and surprising touch!).

But it was the package that landed on my doorstep that blew me away the most. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL had been considered. 

Each item was packaged beautifully in a branded box and then packaged into a branded zip up bag (nope I didn’t purchase that bag you see, it was all part of the brand packaging). The ingredients and benefits were clear to read (no small print, yay!).

AND THEN … it came with a postcard with a message from the founder, a poster with steps on how to use the products and create an indulgent self-care experience for myself (complete with a QR code to a curated Spotify playlist), and a sticker (just for fun).

And most importantly … the products are AMAZING!

All of this … The beauty of a carefully crafted brand experience

And that magical feeling? All down to their brand experience. Brand experience is your brand’s own choreography, a series of interactions that not only impress but leave an imprint on your audience’s hearts

It takes your customers from just ‘knowing’ you to raving about you like they’re your number one fan.

Imagine a show where each scene has been meticulously crafted to captivate the audience. Every dancer, costume and prop has a purpose. This is the kind of magic, the level of artistry, that your brand should be shooting for.

“But Brianna, my business doesn’t involve shipping physical products! I can’t toss in some cute freebies or use Pinterest-worthy packaging,” you might be thinking. 

But who says retail businesses get to have all the fun?

Brand touchpoints for service-based businesses

In service-based businesses, the stakes are even higher because the experience IS the product. Your brand’s reputation rides on not just what you do, but how you do it.

Here are just some of the touchpoints you can focus on:

  • Website: Think of your site as your virtual stage. This is your space to entertain, engage and put on a good show. 
  • Pricing & services guide: Your pricing guide is like the playbill for your business. It tells your audience what they can expect and sets them up to take the next step with you.
  • Discovery calls: Consider this your audition. It’s your chance to listen to your clients, understand their needs, and offer tailored solutions. 
  • Proposals: This is the script that outlines the entire show. Make it engaging, transparent, and full of surprises (the good kind!)
  • Welcome guide: Consider this your brand’s opening act. It’s the first ‘real’ experience clients have with your brand, laying out their future steps and moves including what they can expect, how to get in touch, and where they can find supporting resources. 
  • Welcome gifts: VIP goodie bag anyone? Just because you’re offering a service – even if it’s virtual! – that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your clients with a special gift to show your gratitude. 
  • Presentations: Your presentations are one of your performances where you roll out your most compelling content and most breathtaking visuals, all perfectly in sync with your brand’s overall narrative.
  • Walkthrough videos: Think of these as your choreography sessions. This is your chance to clearly guide your clients, step-by-step, so they feel supported throughout their journey with you. 
  • Emails: Whether it’s a check-in email or a heads up on an upcoming spot in your schedule, these emails are an opportunity for you to stay front and centre in your audience’s minds.
  • Offboarding guides: The curtain call. This is where you end on a high note and leave them eager for an encore.  

If you want your business to be more than a one-hit-wonder, you need to think long-term. Focus on delivering an unforgettable brand experience that leaves your audience eagerly awaiting your next performance.

Now, I get it. Crafting this meticulous brand experience might seem daunting when you’re doing the whole small business thing by yourself (or with a tiny team!)

That’s where templates come into play. These are ready-made but customisable designs that can save you time and maintain brand consistency – without breaking the bank!

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