E-book design that makes your creation instantly covetable

How can you:

 + Ensure that your creation gets the kudos and credit it deserves?

+ Guarantee that people will care about what you’ve created?

+ Get your creation on your dream customer’s radar?

Easy: Gift your e-book with graphic design that harnesses your brilliant content and transforms it into a masterpiece your target market can’t help but adore.

It’s like wedding cake. People don’t buy wedding cake because it tastes good (even though wedding cake is undeniably delicious). People buy wedding cake because of how it looks. Which is special, meaningful and memorable.

Just like your e-book.

I’m positive that you’ve created something truly special. There’s meaningful content in there. But unless it looks special, it’s difficult to convince people to buy and/or read it.

ipad mockup of claire duran ebook design page

E-books aren’t only e-books, an e-book can also be:


  • A workbook to support your e-course or program.
  • A lead magnet for your sales funnel.
  • A stand-alone informational resource.
  • A digital catalogue of your service and/or products.
  • A welcome pack for your new clients.
  • A price guide.
  • And loads more!

What purpose does an e-book serve?


  • As a free offering to increase newsletter opt-ins, web traffic, brand awareness and reputation.
  • As a paid offering to contribute to your passive income.
  • As a freebie to complement your web content and educate your audience.
  • As an email newsletter freebie to treat your audience (and cement your expertise and authority).
ipad mockup of sarah vivienne photography ebook design

Why e-books?

Although I love the tactile-ness of printed material, e-books are close to my heart because:


  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • There’s a reduced cost to publish (no printing!) and making updates is more inexpensive.
  • They’re easy to send and distribute.


Thinking that you could really use a spiffy e-book for your business?


I specialise in designing e-books that:


  • Capture your target market’s interest at first glance.
  • Compel your audience to buy/opt-in.
  • Appeal to the tastes of your dream customers.
  • Use strategic design elements to ensure your e-book is easy to read and understand.
  • Cultivate increased brand awareness.
  • Act as a tool to enhance your brand reputation and authority.
  • Gives you a pathway to cultivating a passive income.


Brianna managed to do what I thought was impossible: take a “vibe” I had described in words and translate that into a design that created an amazing feeling for the reader. Her work on my ebook and sales page was magical. She brought my entire course to life.

Dr Rebecca Ray

Brianna was able to turn my creative idea for an uplifting resource into a beautifully designed ebook for my online community. The feedback that I’ve received so far has been amazing and I am totally in love with the finished product! Brianna is always efficient, easy to communicate with and goes above and beyond to deliver fun and fresh design work. She is my ‘go to’ designer whenever I have a creative project brewing!

Tash Spencer

cassandra lane headshot

Reading this page and thinking ‘but I don’t even have the words ready yet!’?

Don’t panic. I can help. Well, I can’t help. I’m a designer. But I know somebody that can help.

Introducing Cass from Wild Spirit Co.

Cass is my copywriting secret weapon and she writes words that woo and content that converts. She’s a genius with ghostwriting and if you’re in need of some copy for your e-book, she’s your go-to girl.

You can visit her website at www.wildspirit.co and get in touch with her at cass@wildspirit.co

Just tell her I sent you.


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