Cringe-worthy branding mistakes you don’t wanna make

Bad branding: It’s like walking out of the bathroom with a long trail of loo paper hanging out of your pants.


You didn’t mean for it to happen. Your intentions were pure. You just wanted to sort out your business and be on your merry way.


But … it happened.


And now? Cue all of the cringes.


But what if you could rewind time and make sure your faux pas never happened? #nobrainer


Well, consider this your official rewind button and Bad Branding Protection Guide.


In this article you’ll find six common but cringe-worthy brand mistakes and advice on how you can prevent or fix them.


Time’s a wastin’! Let’s get started.


Brand mistake 01 / An out-dated logo


If the last time your logo was refreshed was when scrunchies were cool, then it’s probably time to give it a little makeover.


An out-dated logo can:


  • Turn off your target market.
  • Give the wrong impression of your biz.
  • Fail to represent and reflect your current offerings.
  • Give the impression that you’re not modern or up-to-date in your business.
  • Decrease your brand appeal.


The solution: Hire a graphic designer to give your biz a brand overhaul. If you’re looking for someone talented, I might know a girl. Wink wink. Seriously though, make sure you check out my branding services. I’d love to work with you!


Brand mistake 02 / A non-relevant logo


Have you ever encountered a business whose branding just confused you?


Maybe it was a business that sold barbecues, but their logo featured a kitten.


Or a cinema chain that had a plant as their icon.


There’s enough confusion in this world. Let’s not add to it.


Solution: Keep your logo clear, relevant and strategic.


Brand mistake 03 / A slow website


We all know how frustrating it is to deal with a website that takes forever to load. So it should come as no surprise that there’s actually a seven percent decline in conversions for every one-second delay in a website’s loading time.




But I know that speeding up your website’s loading time is easier said than done. Which is why …


Solution: I recommend finding an experienced web developer that can pinpoint what’s slowing down your site.


Brand mistake 04 / Blurry and low-resolution images


You know the saying. A picture. Thousand words.


But if that picture is low-res, blurry or not on brand then trust me, those thousand words aren’t going to be pleasant.


But, don’t stress, it’s an easy fix!


Solution: Make sure that your audience has nothing but a thousand positive words to say about your brand by using high-quality high-resolution stock images or original photos.


Brand mistake 05 / Boring or inconsistent copy


Just like it’s vital that you cultivate a consistent and compelling visual personality, it’s just as important that you weave that personality into your web copy (i.e. the words on your site) and branding.


Your words can connect with your audience and persuade them that you’re worth trusting and investing in … or your words can confuse and bore the heck out of them.


Great graphic design will attract their attention and with awesome copy you’ll be sure to keep it!


Solution: Work on building up your ideal customer profiles (i.e. a picture and fleshed-out description of who you want your business to attract) so you can write copy that connects with your audience.


Brand mistake 06 / Lack of consistency


Do you have a distinct brand image to represent your business? Or do you switch and change your brand image depending on current styles and trends? Do you have the same branding across all platforms? Or is there some old branding mixed in with the new?


Maintaining brand consistency across all platforms and channels is important because it shows your audience that you’re stable and reliable. Surprising your customers with your awesomeness is fab, but surprising them with inconsistent branding? Not so much.


Solution: Do an audit of your website, social media and marketing collateral to check that everything is consistent and aligned.


Need an antithesis to these brand mistakes?


I’ve got you!


Download my free Bangin’ Brand Checklist below and you’ll learn the go-to tips (that I use with my branding clients!) for awesome branding.

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