Confessions of a graphic designer: What really makes a website irresistible

It was love at first click. From the moment I landed on their site, I felt like I’d been drawn into some kind of webby wonderland. The chaotic world around me faded away and for just a moment time slowed and sputtered to a quiet stop… I felt wholly, completely, at home.


Sound like the beginning of some sub-par trashy romance novel?


I know it’s a little cheesy.


But what if this was how your dream customers (those peeps you’ve been dying to work with) genuinely felt when they landed on your site? How would that change things for your business?


You see, as a graphic designer that specialises in crafting meaningful and memorable visual branding, this one-of-a-kind sensation is EXACTLY the kind of thing I work towards.


I believe that your digital presence should be more than just a tick-box exercise. It’s an opportunity for you to truly connect with your audience and make their journey with you feel less like a transaction and more like an experience.


It’s an opportunity to be more than informational … it’s a chance to be irresistible.


However most websites barely fulfill the minimum criteria of clearly explaining what they do and why you should care. (It’s a travesty that keeps me up at night, believe me.)


So what separates the dull from the dreamy?


Hint: It’s deceptively simple and it starts with ‘b’ …




An ode to damn good branding.


Good branding is the difference between a website that makes you wanna hang around and get comfy and a website that makes your fingers itch to click away.


Good branding is what captures your interest, sparks your curiosity and tells you that you’re in the right place; that this biz getsyou.


Good branding is what enables you to build a genuine relationship with your customers and to show them that you’re the one they’ve been searching for.


It’s a tall order, I know. But I also know that you’re not here to be mediocre … you’re here to be pure magic.


So how can you tell if your branding is up to the task?


I believe that good branding and design is a lot like dancing (can you tell I moonlight as a dance teacher?) It should look effortless yet beautiful, like art and science blending as one. There should be a balance of style and substance. And it should feel authentic and aligned to you and your target market. 


I’m not going to lie: It isn’t as easy as deciding that you’ll now be in possession of a persuasive brand. It’s not a light switch you can flick on.


But it’s not as hard as it may seem either …


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